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Welcome to 2FW!!


Mrs Widdows, Mrs Wordley and Mrs Grime would like to welcome all of their children back to school and into their new Year Two classroom. We hope that you had a lovely Summer holiday and that you are looking forward to learning lots of new things.


Mrs Widdows is the class teacher, Mrs Wordley will be working with the children every morning during their writing and maths lessons and Mrs Grime will be in the classroom every afternoon to work with the children on their topic work. We are going to have lots of fun.


Things to remember...


Book Bags: Book bags are to be brought to school EVERY day and placed into the book bag box at the back of the classroom.


Homework: This will be sent out every Friday for the children to complete over the weekend, please return this to school for checking.


PE: 2FW will do PE on a Monday afternoon, please ensure that your child’s PE kit is brought in and put onto their pegs. Your PE kit should include

  • A pair of black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms
  • A white T-shirt
  • Indoor pumps

Please ensure that each item of PE kit is clearly named.


Assembly: Our KS1 Celebration Assembly is held on a Friday morning at 9am in the small hall. Please feel free to join us.


Children are free to bring in water bottles and healthy snacks, please ensure that water bottles are named.


Dates for your diary:

5th March - World Book Day

9th - 17th March - Science Week

10th March - Book Fair

11th March - Science Fair

19th June - Circus




This year the children will have six exciting learning adventures.

Children in Need

On Friday 15th November, we took part in the Joe Wicks workout as part of our Children in Need day. We did lots of exercises and really enjoyed it although we were very tired once we had finished!    

On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite story book characters. Take a look at the fabulous costumes…

Science Week 9th - 13th March

We had a special visitor ‘Molly Cule’ today who showed us lots of exciting experiments including; how to blow up a wind bag with one breath, how electricity travels to the ground and how to make a water tornado.

We thought about minibeasts and the type of microhabitat they live in. We know that different minibeasts live in different habitats depending on the conditions they need. We used this knowledge to design our own minibeast hotels.

We made our own slime using PVA glue, food colouring and borax. It was great fun and we really enjoyed it!

During science week we carried out an investigation to answer the following question:

Do taller people have the biggest hand span? 

We made our predictions and then worked in groups to measure our heights and our hand span.  

In some groups we discovered that this was true but in many groups we discovered that the tallest people don't always have the biggest hand span.

We learnt fun facts about why animals camouflage themselves to feel safe in their habitat. We did multiple experiments to test how camouflage works. We found it was easier to hide if the animal colour matched their habitat.

Rufus’ Birthday

We were invited to celebrate Rufus’ first birthday. We had a party, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and ate bone shaped biscuits.  

Sports Relief 13th March 2020

We dressed up in our sportswear to take part in Sport Relief. We took part in an obstacle course which included: throwing basketballs, sprinting, agility ladders, weaving between cones and jumping into hoops. We also tried to see how many star jumps we could do in 1 minute!!

Outdoor Learning.


We took advantage of the sunny weather and weeded our allotment bed. We used the trowels and forks to dig out the weeds and then put them into the compost bin. We carefully created troughs and planted our peas.

As we were weeding we discovered lots of different minibeasts; centipedes, earthworms and woodlice. We discussed the features of the allotment microhabitat and why the minibeasts might be in the soil.