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Year Six - Mrs Sidgwick

smiley Good luck this week with your SATs Year 6! Just do your best and I'm sure you'll smash it! no



Your child should have received 3 new textbooks last Friday (one maths, one GPS and one reading). Each Friday, the children will highlight and date a section to complete as homework in each book. This will help to consolidating the learning in school time in preparation for the SATS in May. This homework needs to be in by the following Thursday (the same day as they bring their book bags). We have removed the answers so the children cannot be tempted, however, if you would like a copy of the answers to help your child then please come and see me.

Our new learning adventure for the term 'Spring 1' is


"Crime and Punishment Through the Ages."


During this learning adventure, we will be learning about how punishments have changed throughout history from the Romans all the way to modern day. If you have any concerns about what might be covered during this learning adventure, please feel free to pop in to discuss this with me.


We will also be reading the text 'Oliver Twist' which links nicely to our learning adventure and the upcoming production in July.  

Our visit to Harry Potter Studios!

All of the children going on the London visit are getting very excited! Please remember to check your kit lists and be at school for 7:15 at the latest on Saturday morning.


All children In Year 6 (including those not on the trip) are not required to attend school on the morning of Monday 27th November. If they do, however, still wish to come to school they will be more than welcome. All children will need to be at school for 12:45.

This half term our learning adventure is based on 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.'


This children particularly enjoyed taking part in our Hogwarts Day where the children were pupils at Hogwarts and took part in magical lessons like 'Care if Magical Creatures' and 'Potions.'


Welcome to 6CS!

This is our class page where you'll be able to get key information and see what we've been up to. I hope you've had a fantastic summer and are ready for Year 6!


Weekly Info



PE lessons will be on a Thursday. Please make sure that you bring both indoor and outdoor PE kit just in case.



Please bring your book bags and homework to school on Thursdays so we can check them and give you a new reading book. Thursday is also when we will do our spelling and times tables tests so don't forget to practise these at home. You will be given a new book on Friday along with some maths homework.



Learning Adventure

This term we will be learning all about the Ancient Mayans. We will be learning about their daily life, food, entertainment and gods. We will be showcasing all our amazing work at a Mayan Museum Event at the end of term.