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Year One - Mrs Plante

Welcome to 1DP!


We will post weekly updates of everything the children have been doing and learning.




Our P.E. lessons will be moving to Wednesdays after Christmas.

Bookbags need to come back on Thursdays to be changed for the following week. 



We have had a great time preparing for Christmas and have done loads of fun activities. We made Christmas trees, party hats for our Christmas party, jam tarts, paper chains, salt dough decorations, and pomanders! All this was topped off by a special visit today from Santa Claus! Merry Christmas!

Abbey House Museum


We went on a school trip to Abbey House Museum to continue learning about Victorian toys and games. We were able to play with some old toys, and compared them with newer toys. We walked around the pretend Victorian streets and learnt about life in the Victorian era. It was a great day!

Abbey House Museum



Moving on from making our peg dolls, we decided to film ourselves explaining how we made them! We spent our Writing lessons writing scripts and practicing, and then we worked in groups to films each other making them! What a fantastic effort!

Victorian Games


On Friday we learnt all about different Victorian games. We learnt that the poorer children spent most of their free time playing outside with games like marbles, hop scotch, and leap frog. The children spent time playing these games in their groups and they really enjoyed them!

The Victorians!


This term our topic is going to be all about The Victorians.

We started the week off by comparing Victorian toys with modern toys. We wrote reviews and posters for our favourite Victorian toys.

This led into us making our own peg dolls, which the children loved playing with!

We now have a Victorian toy shop in our classroom, where the children have been busy making their own toys and pretending to sell them to their friends!


This week has been parent's evening and it has been great to have the chance to speak to you all. Miss Cutler and I love working in 1DP and we are so proud of the progress that all of the children have made.

Welcome back after half term! Here is our most recent newsletter. Parents evening is next week on Tuesday and Wednesday so please return your slips asap!

Newsletter Autumn 2

Northern Ballet Seasons Project


We have been really lucky this term to have worked with Northern Ballet on their seasons project. The children have had a fantastic time learning about the different seasons and they have really enjoyed exploring dance and movement. We hope you will be able to join us on Thursday at 2:30 to watch what the children have been doing.

Northern Ballet

Planets and Aliens!


This week we read the story Marshmallows for Martians and learnt about the planet Mars. We used sweets to make our own aliens (then ate them later!). We also used paper mache to make Mars, Earth, and the Moon!



We have continued learning about space; the children have been researching about different materials and using them to make their own spaceships. We have also looked at the live stream from the International Space Station and learned about the astronauts Tim Peake and Chris Hadfield.


There's been an alien invasion at school! On Tuesday we found bits of a spaceship on the playing field and it looks like the alien has gone missing from inside! Since then, we've seen lots of spaceships flying over, looking for their friend, but we've not managed to get their attention. We've had a think about how to care for our alien, in case we manage to find him.

Spaceship crash

Today some of the children went up to the allotment to harvest the plants and vegetables from last year. WOW! We dug up so many potatoes, onions, and spring onions, and there was a ginormous sunflower!

The children enjoyed trying our raspberries and parsley too!