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Year Five - Miss Southall

Welcome to our class webpage.  We are delighted to be teaching Class 5SS and we are looking forward to an interesting and exciting year ahead. 

Scroll down to the bottom to see what we've been up to in the other half terms.

Autumn 1



We have so many exciting activities planned this half term.  Our topic is based on the ancient civilisation of Maya.  We will be learning about how they lived and how this has impacted on life today.  The Mayan people loved chocolate, so we have linked our English work to the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


We will also be exploring and investigating chocolate before designing our own.  Delicious! 


In science we will explore the properties of chocolate and other materials as well as investigating the property of absorbency in more depth.  We will also explore different techniques for separating various materials.


We are really looking forward to learning about skiffle bands and how we can make music out of everyday objects, before designing our own.


An action-packed half term!


We have been recognising and using roman numerals in our maths lessons.  Check out our work below:
We started our science topic by examining materials and sorting them according to their properties.  We discussed the various properties with our partners and then sorted the materials into a Venn diagram.
We examined the properties of Instasnow.  We discovered that it is really absorbent!

We have put our Science lessons about the properties of materials to good use - we have been investigating the absorbency of nappies so that we can advise Mrs Foster on the best brand for her new baby.  




Check out these Mayan temples!
We love playing Maths games.  We having been comparing numbers by selecting digit cards, making numbers and then placing them on a grid.  The aim was to make it hard for our opponents to place their numbers.
We have learned all about skiffle music and have made our own instruments to accompany a real skiffle band!

The photographs above show us enjoying an active maths lesson.  We worked in small groups and took it in turns to run to the middle of the hall to collect a digit card.  We then used them to make a 3 digit number and a single digit number and multiplied them.  Our challenge was to see how many calculations we could do in 12 minutes!

As you can see, we had a great time!




Having learned all about chocolate in the times of the Maya, we had a real-life chocolatier visit us!  Lily told us all about the types of chocolate she made and how she made them.  It was really interesting.

In science we explored the process of dissolving.  First we observed how a gummy bear sweet dissolved in three different temperatures of water.  Then we planned our own investigations into how sweets might dissolve. 

Some of us chose gummy bears, some chose flying saucers and some chose love hearts.  We chose whether to explore dissolving in different types of liquids or at different temperatures.

We found out that the hotter the water, the quicker the sweet dissolves.  We also found out that oil isn't a good solvent and that the outside of the flying saucer sweet is not soluble.



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