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Year 6

In our design technology lessons this half term, we have been learning all about food! We started by researching and learning about various South American foods, including the wide range of fruit available. Next, we had a go at following a traditional Brazilian recipe for chocolate truffles. We found it very difficult to make the consistency right, so they were very extremely sticky. No-one seemed to mind though as they tasted delicious.

Brazilian Truffles

After tasting and evaluating the truffles, we received a letter from the Innocent Smoothies company. The letter asked us to create a new and unique smoothie using the fruits that can be found in the Amazon. Everyone loved designing their smoothie, considering how they would make it healthy whilst also keeping it sweet and juicy.  After the planning stages were complete, we made our own smoothies using a blender and tasted them. Finally, everyone evaluated their smoothie, suggesting any changes they might make.