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Year 6

In science this half term we have studied the water cycle. First, we learnt a song about the water cycle. After this, we worked in pairs to develop our own experiment in order to see the water cycle at work. We used plastic wallets and poured water inside them. Then, we stuck these on the window. As the water was heated, it evaporated, then condensed and little rain drops could be seen at the top of the wallet. 


We also took part in an experiment to see the difference between fresh water and salt water. The children took a range of different objects, including an egg, and placed it in each type of water. Depending on their results, they used these to inform their prediction for the next object. We found out that objects float in salt water but they sink in fresh water.


Whilst on residential, we also learnt lots about caves and rock formations. In the limestone cave there were lots of calcium carbonate formations that had been produced through slow precipitation (part of the water cycle). We were fortunate enough to see flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, soda straws and columns.