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Year 6

We have been finding out about blogging. We have understood that a blog can be a piece of writing about absolutely anything that interests the person who is writing it. For example a person can write a food blog about all the different restaurants they have visited. Blogs can be a bit like a diary in some ways but they are written online for other people to see and leave comments. We have written our own blogs which we hope you enjoy reading.

6LJ Blogging


We have been looking at a variety of blogs and developing our own set of success criteria. We started writing our own blogs about subjects that we are experts on such as our pets, holidays and games.

Blogs in 6LJ

Blogs in 6LJ 1
Blogs in 6LJ 2
Blogs in 6LJ 3
Blogs in 6LJ 4
Blogs in 6LJ 5
Blogs in 6LJ 6
Blogs in 6LJ 7
Blogs in 6LJ 8