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Year 5

5MB - Keeping safe and Knowing Risks 

In PSHCE this half term, year 5 are looking at risks and safety in our life. Due to the presence of the internet in our children's lives at the moment, 5MB decided to focus on internet safety as our first focus. We looked at the dangers and how to stay safe, as well as what they could encourage others to do. From this, we made a poster with the information we had learnt. Here are some examples of the children's work.

5MB Posters for Internet Safety

5LB - Keeping safe and managing risk


The children have been looking at how we keep safe in a variety of ways. The first thing we looked at was keeping safe online and knowing what we should and shouldn't be doing. The children had a big discussion about what could happen if we didn't use the internet safely and what we do to make sure that we are sensible online! 


The children also looked at the impact of social media on the actions we do today. The children were made aware of how we need to keep our safe on social media but we also looked closely at the reasoning behind age restrictions on social media. The children were very shocked to see how unsafe it was to be using social media unsupervised and what impact this could have. 


Year 5 were also introduced to the term "Agony aunt". Some of the children knew what this meant however some didn't. We discussed how it works and why some people would want to talk about their problems to an anonymous person. We looked at some examples of letters to agony aunts and then we tried to reply to some of our own! Take a look below...