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Year 5

5RF Fitness

5RF are focusing upon fitness this half term in PE with Miss Beaumont. This has included participating in a fitness circuit with a variety of stations such as sprint shuttles, endurance runs, balancing test, speed bounce, target throw and many more. The children completed their own scoresheet and will return to this in the last week of the unit to hopefully beat their scores!

5RF have also followed a HIIT workout by The Body Coach and then designed their own HIIT workout to complete in groups. We showed some brilliant determination and teamwork! 

We explored different fitness components including power, flexibility, endurance and agility and linked these to activities. 

We also completed the Multi Stage Fitness test (bleep test) and Miss Beaumont was very impressed with some of our scores! 

5RF participated in the Cooper Run which is a 12 minute fitness test in which the children had to try and complete as many laps as possible in 3x3 minute slots!