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Year 5



This half term, we are learning about Space, which is also our Learning Adventure Topic. We have been looking at a variety of different parts of space, and we began by looking at the planets in our solar system.


Here are some examples of us learning about the planets at the beginning of the topic. We did some research on the planets and wrote some fact files about them. Here are some fantastic examples from our class. 

Planet Fact Files

We then had a go at seeing if we could order the fruit, comparing them to the planets of our Solar System. It was amazing to see that if Jupiter was the size of a watermelon, Mercury would be only the size of a peppercorn! Just shows how big Jupiter is!

We looked at the phases of the moon in Science and created our own moon phases from Oreos. It was fun to do, accurate and delicious afterwards!

Phases of the Moon

We then decided to create the life cycles of our aliens. We looked at the life cycles of a variety of animals, then decided to create our own life cycles for our aliens, looking at their growth and timeline.

Made up Alien Lifecycles.