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Year 5

5LB - Christianity 


This half term the children in year 5 have been learning about Christianity, in particular "Holy Week". First of all the children looked at what we have control over in our lives. The children created a timeline of things they have most control over and what they have the least control over. The children were given some options and they decided to place them on the line in what order they thought themselves. The children had very different views but that most common theme was that we have control over our behaviour. The children then created a timeline of where they see their life going, at what age and in what order. Take a look at some of them below.

5LB - Christianity 


The children continued to look at "Holy Week". We looked at who Christians are, what they believe in and who they worship. The children watched a short clip about the religion and then created their own mind map about what they know so far. The children then read the holy week story. We discussed each step of the story and thought about people's feelings throughout. Why we thought it was happening and what could have changed the outcome. The children sequenced the story accurately and then rewrote the story into a comic strip. 

5MB - Christianity


This half term we have been looking at the events of Holy Week and discussing with the children how Jesus may not have been in control of what happened, but could control how he handled it, which is the foundation of Christianity as a religion. We began by first looking at our lives and what we had control over and what we didn't have control over. By then looking at how we could be affected by those things we had no control over, we created a timeline of what we would hope happens in our own life based on what we would like to control. After this, we looked at the events of Holy Week and how Jesus handled the events. This discussion so close to Easter, opening up the discussion of why people followed Jesus after the events and what we then thought of Jesus. The children agreed that he handled the uncontrollable in his life with poise that made him admirable and hence how a religion could be formed. 


Below are examples of their comic strips showing the events of Holy Week as well as an example of the list of controllable and uncontrollable aspects of life.