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Year 5

5LB - Mental health and emotional well being


This half term we have been looking at how to care for our selves mentally. We have discussed how many different things can build up and cause us to have a range of emotions. The children were fantastic at naming all of the emotions they may feel. We then looked at what time of day we felt these emotions and also who made us feel these emotions. We then had a big class discussion about how we can change from having a negative attitude to a positive one. The children came up with some great suggestions such as: playing outside more, talking to different people, eating healthier, not listening to negativity in and out of school and many more. The children then created some beautiful posters about how we can control our feelings and make sure we live a healthier, happier life!

5MB - Positive Feelings


During this half term, we have been looking at our emotional well-being and how we can continue to keep our mind healthy through staying positive. We started by first looking at our emotions and how we experience them as well as what makes us experience them. We then looked at how we need to keep our mind healthy through staying positive and not letting out negative emotions over rule us. This works hand in hand with our growth mindset mentality also, and represented this switch of emotions in a sheet represented here. We looked at how negative emotions can bee seen in a positive way.

Positive feelings