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Year 5

5LB - Databases 


This half term the children have been looking at databases. We have been looking at what we would use these for and how to create them. First of all we started by looking at an alien database and answering different questions using the different tools. The children became more and more confident in using the "sort" tool. 

5LB - Databases 


The children then learnt how to create their own database. We looked at different "Fields" we could use, how to upload our own images, whether it would be better to use numbers or letters and how we could create our questions so children could answer them with our database. 

5LB - Research 


With this half term being so busy we also used our ICT lessons during a river research lesson and science week. The children created fun quizzes about the different topics, they drew pictures, wrote fact files and used the internet to find out more than what they already knew. 

5MB - Databases


This half term, our focus has been on databases and learning hoe to use them to extrapolate data. The children got their heads around how to filter out information and started by trying to take a quiz to find out such data. We then looked at how we could edit and add information to a database and the continued to create our own. Here are some examples of the children's work.