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Year 5

5MB - Working Scientifically

In Science this half term, our focus has been on the National Curriculum's objectives of working scientifically. This has given us the scope to do some really fun experiments with the children, while also teaching them key skills like taking readings, doing a fair test, hypothesising an outcome.


The rainbow experiment, shown below, was finding the acids and alkalis in our household liquids, using homemade red cabbage indicator. We talked about what acids and alkali's were and then what they could expect to see happen to the red cabbage water when they were mixed. We then all did the experiments as a class, measuring out the same amount of liquid to create a fair test, and all logged our results.


The children had a lot of fun working scientifically and loved the range of colours from our household items like sprite, vinegar for our chips, mouthwash, salt, bicarbonate of soda and regular tap water.

5MB Creating Rainbow Liquid Experiement

5LB - Testing out different materials

Year 5 have been looking at working scientifically this half term. We have been conducting lots of experiments to see what happens. The first fair test we carried out was to see which materials were the most absorbent. The children worked with Mr Osborn to think about: 

- What will stay the same 

- What will change 

- How to make it a fair test. 


The children worked with sugar cubes, water, sugar paper, tissue paper and tin foil to work out which materials are the most absorbent. The children enjoyed experimenting and were able to then explain their findings and why they think they happened. 

5LB - PH scales 


The children in year 5 continued working scientifically by looking at the PH of different household items. We first discussed what an alkali and an acid was. The children then looked at household items and predicted which they thought they were and to what strength. The children were then told that we were going to investigate some items we might find in our cupboards.

- Vinegar 

- Washing up liquid 

- Bicarb of soda

- Lemonade 

- Salt water 

- Water 


The children were fascinated to watch the changing colours and were able to explain what these colours meant using the PH scale. Watching the colours change was amazing!