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Year 5

5MB's Trying Anglo-Saxon Ingredients

5MB’s DT this half term, are looking at making our own Anglo-Saxon and Viking bread and soup. We started off this adventure by first trying lots of different ingredients present in Anglo-Saxon food and doing a taste test. We then decided what we liked and didn't like and, most importantly, what we would want to put in our soups.

5MB- Making Viking Bread

During Year 5’s Viking day, the first thing 5MB did was make Viking bread. We invited our parents in to help us and as a class we all followed our recipes and made a roll of Viking bread each. We then ate it with honey at the end of the day!

Here are some examples of the rolls we made and the recipes we used. Our recipes are similar to the authentic remains of one found in Berka, Sweden. If you're curious, feel free to give the recipe a go! But be warned, the children definitely found it tasted better with some honey afterwards!

5LB - Food tasting! 


The children were looking forward to an afternoon of food tasting until I told them it was ANGLO SAXON food tasting! 


Before we had our tasty food, around the room there were different pictures of food that the children had to decide whether it was Anglo Saxon food, modern day food or both. The children were very surprised to find out that children drank beer in Anglo Saxon times because the water was so dirty! 


The children then had a taste of different foods that they would later put in their soup. The children tasted the food and discussed with each other whether they liked it or not.

5LB - Making viking bread.


Before our Viking day, the children had looked closely at how viking bread was made. We discussed what we thought it would taste and look like and how it would differ from the bread we eat today. The children predicted that it wouldn't taste nice like the bread we eat today because the ingredients used were very basic. 


When we invited our parents in to class we began to make our bread. We used oats, flour, water and butter. The children each made their own piece of bread. They mixed the ingredients and then kneaded the bread until it was ready to form into a ball. When the bread was cooked the children had the option to drizzle honey onto their bread as this is what the vikings would have done. 


Most of the children enjoyed the bread especially with honey. Other children did not and would rather eat the bread we have today! 

5LB - Making Viking soup 


At the end of the half term, the children had the opportunity to make their own Viking soup. Using the food tasting that we had previously done the children were able to chop and place their ingredients in a large pan to make a soup. The children thought that it wouldn't taste very nice as it wouldn't have much flavour. However, some of the children were very surprised and wanted even more soup!