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Year 5

5LB - Spreadsheets 


Year 5 were introduced to spreadsheets this half term. We discussed the importance of spreadsheets and how they are relevant to everyday life. We looked at different ways we could use a spreadsheet and had a look at all of the clever things a spreadsheet could do! First of all we looked at all of the different buttons, what each part of a spreadsheet meant and how it could sort out information. During our first lesson we learnt how to colour the cells, add information and sort it into a relevant order. The children had time to research the programme of "spreadsheets" and get familiar with the different areas. 

5LB - Spreadsheets 


Year 5 have continued to be using spreadsheets for a variety of reasons. The children are now fully aware of why spreadsheets can be important in our day to day lives. We have used the spread sheets to calculate how old we are in years, days, months and seconds. We have also used the spreadsheets to work out all the ingredients we will need for a bake sale at school and how much it will all cost! The children are very good at using formulas and being able to create them using mathematical knowledge! Look at some of the work we have done below. 

5MB - Spreadsheets


This half term, we have been looking at spreadsheets and how useful they can be to work out formulas and copying these across to work out information. The children used this knowledge of spreadsheets and creating formulae to create two different types of spreadsheets. Here are examples of their work and have a look if you can figure out the formula they have used.