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Year 5

This half term 5MB are receiving coaching from Hunslet RLFC. We learnt about how to handle the ball when moving, how to score a try and how to play the ball to our team mates!

We also focused on passing. We concentrated on our aim and the importance of communication. We got to play lots of different drills which became more challenging as the lesson continued! 

We learnt about how to attack and defend and learnt new skills including the technique involved in kicking the ball. We loved learning how to play kick tennis and we worked really well in teams when practising the defensive line. 

Thank you to Hunslet Hawks for your coaching this half term! We have really enjoyed it!

5LB - Handball 


Year 5 have been lucky enough to have a coach come into school to teach them P.E every week. The coach and 5LB have been learning all the different throwing skills needed to play handball and dodgeball. Every week we have a mini lesson of practising our skills of throwing and how different aims will create different results. The children are now aware of how to play well and win the games! We end every lesson with a mini tournament. The children are improving every week!!