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Year 4

This half term 4LB have had the opportunity to work with Hunslet Hawks Rugby club. We have been learning all different skills that will help us with a competition we will hopefully competing in, in the new year. The children have learnt team building skills, communication skills and ball skills. 

We have learnt how to kick a ball correctly from a cone and from our hands, we have learnt different throws and how to position our hands correctly and we have learnt how to work as a team to try and score a try! We have absolutely loved having the rugby lessons! 

4CJ looked at fitness this half term. We started by thinking about why we need to keep fit and how diet and exercise can help us to do so. We started by sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy and we had some interesting discussions about 'treats' and how much we should eat of different foods. We then went on to look at exercise and the different fitness routines we can do, including circuits and HIIT. The children also made up their own HIIT routine to teach the rest of the class. We ended with thinking baout how and why we test fitness. The children completed a bleep test and I was so impressed with their stamina! We actually ran out of lesson time, but I think some children could have continued for much longer.