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Year 4

This half term year 4 have been learning about physical health and well being. We discussed what this meant and how we could take care of our physical health and well being. We started off the topic by looking at different scenarios. The scenarios were about why people choose to eat the food they eat. We looked at culture, religion and allergies. The children had a good discussion about how people are different and just because we don't all like the same things should not cloud our judgements. The children worked in partners and were given scenarios. They had to act out the scenarios and find a solution to them. For example: If you were allergic to nuts and your friend who had nuts was sat next to you at lunch, what would you do? 

We also looked at how ethics can decide what we eat by looking at where chickens live. 


After this, we looked at sleep. We had a discussion about the importance of sleep and its impact on our physical and mental health. The children watched a video that looked at what would happen without much sleep and with enough sleep. As a class we discuss what would help us to get a good nights sleep. The children then designed their own bed which would help them sleep better. 

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