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Year 4

This half term year 4 have been looking at Buddhism. We started off the topic by listening to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. We discussed how this song made us feel. We also talked about what made us happy? How do we know when someone is happy? Are people always happy? Is this okay? 


The children then read the story of how Buddhism was founded. The children realised that Buddhism is about being happy with what we have and realised that we can only create our own happiness and cannot rely on those around us. 


The children then looked at the 8 fold path. We started off by discussing what this means and how we could follow the 8 fold path ourselves. The children then labelled the dharma wheel with the 8 folds to remind ourselves. 


To finish the topic we looked at different statements. We organised them into whether we thought that it was a Buddhist belief or not. 

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