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Year 4

Locational Geography

Year 4 looked at where Greece is and some of the key areas. They also looked at the seas which surround the country and where surprised to hear that you damn actually see where the Aegean and Mediterranean sea meet off the island of Rhodes! 

Year 4 invite you to Greece! 

After gathering information, the children have created their own holiday brochures for Greece. They have certainly persuaded me to get booking a holiday soon! 

The children had a lovely day at the 'beach'.  They thought about everything they could see, hear, smell and taste by exploring our beach in a tray. Inside there was sand, sun cream, salt water, ice cream and a beach ball. The children got stuck in!

Year 4 have been looking at a lot of map work about Greece. We looked at what seas it is near, what other countries it is near and the types of buildings would have been there. The children enjoyed looking at the different landmarks that are in Greece too. The children created their own 3D maps of Greece and included these landmarks. 


Not only that, the children used grid references to locate the landmarks on a map. They were introduced to these 4 grid references. At first, they found them quite difficult but with lots of practise they could locate what they needed! 


The children went on a plane to Athens and visited modern day Greece. They then went around Athens and wrote a setting description about their day in Athens. They really enjoyed themselves even though we experienced lots of turbulence.