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Year 4


Year 4 have started their swimming lessons and are making good progress already! We have a group who are focusing upon developing their confidence in the water and their water safety. Two groups are working their underwater confidence, floating shapes, push and glides and travelling in the water with technique.

One group is focusing upon push and glides and travelling in water with technique to lead onto progressing their performance of the various swim strokes and distance. 


The children were very lucky to have a real - life judo teacher come into our school. The children were taught different games using the skills that they would learn in judo. It was all about balance and perseverance. The children then learnt some different moves that they practised on each other. The children dressed up in judo uniform and really enjoyed their session.



This half term year 4 have been learning all about fitness. First of all we practised different fitness techniques such as squatting, spotty jogs and side jumps. After this, the children were given a sheet where they were to record their results at the start of the half term in several fitness activities. We kept practising these every week and feeling for our heart rate. The children were extremely engaged and loved getting better every week. The children then rerecorded their results at the end of the half term and were all pleased to see that they had made some progress! Well done year 4.


4CJ have been very lucky to have a coach from Hunslet. The children were brilliant from their first rugby lesson. They practised the rules of touch rugby whilst recapping their pass and catch skills. The coach was really impressed and we will be choosing some children to create a team to play in a competition soon!