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Year 4

In 4EB and 4CJ, we have started to learn about the Shang Dynasty. We looked at the story of the first king and how he came to have power. We learnt that he was a very kind king!

We looked at artefacts and who may have owned them, as well as what they were used for. 

We've also been looking at how society was structured in the Shang Dynasty! We knew that the king would be at the top of society and have the most money and power. We were surprised to learn that farmers had more power than merchants!

We've had an amazing opportunity this week to look inside a Shang Dynasty tomb!

We looked at lots of artefacts that had been buried, and used our deduction skills to work out what kind of person was buried. 

4EB then had the chance to use the laptops to research the owner of the tomb and 4CJ looked at different books about the Shang Dynasty. They learnt that it belonged to Fu Hao, the first female military leader. Her tomb was discovered in 1976, and she had been buried with 16 slaves, and her 6 pet dogs! Both classes used all the information they had found to write a biography of Fu Hao. 


To learn more about culture in the Shang Dynasty, the year 4 children made some nutritious porridge. We realised it wasn't very tasty so we added some spices and fruit to make it more interesting.