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Year 4

This half term 4EB focused on gymnastics. We explored different floor skills including balances on various body parts and how we can support one another to perform these. We also learnt new rolls including log roll, tuck roll, dish to arch roll and teddy bear roll. We then practised different shaped jumps and ensured our landings were secure. 

We also learnt new techniques when mounting and dismounting vaults such as squat on, straddle jumps and backward jumps. Some of us managed to perform a squat through which are super tricky!

We continued to develop our floor moves and learnt paired and counter balances, forward rolls, straddle forward rolls cartwheels, roundoff's and even one handed cartwheels!

We finished off the unit by participating in an intraclass gymnastics competition where we performed routines in front of the rest of the class and to a judge! The judge (Miss Buxton) looked at our performances with some groups being awarded certificates for the most creative, most improved, best teamwork and the winning routine!


4CJ had a great time working with Jermaine in PE this half term. They focused on competitive games including corner football and dodge ball. The children had to learn how to be a good team player and to support others.