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Year 3

3AO Fitness


3AO are focusing upon fitness this half term. They began the unit by participating in a fitness circuit where they had to try and get the highest score they could in a variety of exercises such as star jumps, speed bounce jumps, sprint shuttles and throwing & catching. The class all encouraged one another to help children achieve the best scores they could!

3AO then learnt about different types of training including HIIT training. They followed a workout led by Joe Wicks The Body Coach and then became instructors themselves and taught their own HIIT workout in groups to the rest of the class!


3AO have also taken part in fitness tests including the multi stage fitness test (beep test) and the Cooper Run which is a 12 minute staged endurance run. The children achieved some amazing scores and should be feeling very proud of their performances and scores!

Dazl Dance!


Year 3 have been very lucky this half term and get to work with Dazl Dance to choreograph our own dance!