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Year 3

3EB Fitness

This half term, 3EB has been learning about fitness with Miss Beaumont in PE. The unit began with the children participating in a fitness circuit with a variety of stations including sprint shuttles, speed bounce, balancing, throw & catch and target throw. 

3EB have also learnt about different training methods including HIIT workouts. They enjoyed following a video by The Body Coach and then went onto designing their own HIIT workout to instruct to the class! We had some amazing instructors!

We also discussed healthy lifestyles and looked at healthy and unhealthy diet options alongside thinking about the benefits exercise and looking after our bodies can provide us with. 

3EB then all participated in the Multi Stage Fitness Test (Bleep Test). The children enjoyed challenging themselves with lots of them managing to increase their scores from last year!

3EB also took part in the Cooper Run fitness which involved getting as many laps as they could in 12 minutes! They also tried some fartlek training which looked at walking, running & sprinting for set distances. The children were able to change these to make their courses harder or easier! Miss Beaumont was very pleased that they all wanted to make them harder!