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Year 3

3LB - Keeping safe and managing risk


In year 3 we have been looking at how to keep ourselves safe. The children knew what it meant to be safe and how to do that in different places. We talked about what it meant to be safe in school, the home, in the playground, at the swimming baths and on holiday. The children came up with some fantastic answers. We then spoke about how everywhere we go there are potential risks. The children could tell me that a risk was something that could put them in some type of danger. We looked around the room and identified the risks but then we also discussed how we could manage these risks. The children definitely know how to keep themselves safe! We then looked at some scenarios, identified the risked and explained what we would do to make it much safer.

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3AO - Keeping Safe

In PHSE this half term we have been looking at ways we can keep safe in and outside of school. We have had lots of great discussions about different dangers and how we can avoid these. We have looked at a range of scenarios and been able to identify the risks involved for ourselves and others around us.