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Year 2

In Year 2 we have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We learnt that he plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament but that he was caught and imprisoned. We learnt that this is why we celebrate Bonfire Night.

We have also been learning about the Great Fire of London, we have looked at paintings of the Great Fire and have discussed how we know it is an event from the past. We have looked at pictures of London from the past and London in the present day and sorted these accordingly.

“It is from the past because the house is made from wood.”
“This is made from metal and things weren’t built in metal in the past.”

“I looked at the colours in the pictures. These ones are dark and these ones have more colours.”

Toys Then and Now


We learnt about the difference between toys and games that were played in the past and the toys and games we have. We learnt that a lot of things have changed throughout time; televisions have got bigger and don't need switching off to cool down, toys from the past were made differently to the toys that we play with nowadays, children made their own props for playing shop and that children played a variety of different games in the playground. We learnt about different ball games, clapping games and different rhymes that children used to play. We also learnt how people in the past made lots of their own Christmas decorations.

We had a go at making up our own clapping games, playing Tiddly winks and Oranges & Lemons and we also made some paper chains to decorate our classroom with.