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Year 2

In P.S.H.E. we have been learning about the different types of food we eat. We have learnt that there are five main food groups and we worked in small groups to sort a selection of different foods correctly.  

We have learnt about the importance of physical activity, sleep and rest. We thought about the different activities we do during the day, such as walking to school, eating breakfast, playtime and working at our tables, we talked about the different activities and decided whether they could be classed as physical activity or not. The children worked in pairs and thought about a different activity they could do during the day to help them get their 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  

The children know that it is important to eat the right types of food and that they need physical activity, rest and sleep. They listened to statements and decided if they were good habits or bad habits: staying up late, eating a variety of fruit and vegetables, cleaning their teeth, travelling short distances in the car. They worked in small groups to discuss the different people that help us, how they help us and where they work.