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Year 2

This half term in Year 2 we are learning cookery skills including grating, peeling and slicing. 



How many fruits and vegetables can you think of that need peeling? We experimented with peeling an orange by hand to see who could get the longest length of rind and we used a hand peeler to peel a carrot. It is really important to make sure that you hold the carrot tightly and peel away from your hand so that you don't cut yourself. 



We experimented with slicing different foods such as cheese and bananas. We found out that it is easier to cut softer foods and we enjoyed eating the different food slices. We also practised our scissor cutting skills - we had to cut the crust off a slice of bread and cut a tortilla wrap into very thin slices. When using a knife to slice, we know that it is important to hold the knife carefully and to hold the food tightly away from the knife.




We looked at pictures of different grated food and talked about the similarities and differences, we found it hard to recognise some grated foods such as apple and potato - we thought they looked like grated cheese. We carefully used a box grater to grate a piece of apple, carrot or cheese and we found out that it was important to watch whilst grating and to hold the grater firmly. 


We used our new skills to make a healthy Carrot and Orange Superhero snack. We followed the recipe carefully as we weighed flour, zested and juiced oranges, peeled and grated carrots and beat an egg. Once the muffins had been cooked in the oven, we tasted our muffins.