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Year 2

In order for a superhero to be able to save the day - they need to be healthy and strong! They can do this by eating a healthy diet so we have been learning about the different food groups to make sure our superheroes are eating a balanced diet. In order to test our knowledge of food groups we played a game. Our teacher called out a food and we had to run to the food group it belonged to. You could play this game at home too - it was so much fun! 
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Picture 2

Superheroes need to eat a variety of food to make sure that their bodies are getting all of the nutrients they need. We looked at different types of food and the jobs that they do. Did you know that carbohydrates release energy slowly in your body so that you feel fuller for longer? That means a superhero will be able to fight his enemies for a long time without getting hungry! Also, fruits and vegetables will help keep germs at bay so superheroes will be able to save the world without worrying about getting a cold or flu! 

We tasted lots of different types of foods and talked about what they do for our bodies.