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Year 2


In 2DP we have been discussing things that are living, dead, and have never been alive. We talked about the signs that help us know if something is alive such as being able to have babies and being able to eat (and we talked about how all animals and plants do this in some way). We also discussed how things that are dead have all been able to do this at some point. 

We then looked into the idea of things that have never been alive, such as bricks or plastic toys, and how these to compare to things like paper, which are made from a material that was once alive.

Then we went on a hunt outside to find some examples!

Class 2SL have been learning about habitats. We went on a hunt in the school grounds to find micro-habitats.  We found them all over!  Whilst we were there we began to collect some natural objects to use in the bug hotel that we are hoping to make.
2SL also played a game - they had to match the animals to their habitat.  We had an ocean, farm, savannah and jungle habitat to choose from.