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Year 2

2SL have been learning about the human life cycle. We began by thinking about what stages of growth a human goes through and after some discussion decided upon
baby-toddler-child-teenager-adult- elderly adult.

We then thought about what changes happen at each of these stages. We made lots of observations such as “I only drank milk when I was a baby and I cried when I needed something because I couldn’t talk” and “when I’m an adult I’m going to learn to drive and I’m going to live in my own house”. 

Have a think - what could you do when you were a baby? What do you think you will be able to do in the future?


This term we have continued discussing the differences between males and females. First the children recapped some of the differences between the two, such as "boys have one ear pierced but girls have two" and "boys and girls wear different kinds of tops"! We then compared a cow and a bull and discussed the different body parts they have, and how a cow is suited to having a baby. We then looked at some boy and girl dolls, and talked about the different body parts humans have. The children were all very engaged in the lesson and had loads of questions!