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Did you know that when Muslims pray they use a special prayer mat to kneel on? Prayer mats usually have a beautifully intricate design on them which features images of mosques, flowers and bright colours. After learning about how Muslims pray we designed our own prayer mats. Here are some examples of our work! 




We have continued to learn about Islam in Year 2 and the children have learnt so many things! We talked about the things Muslims do before they pray and the children then designed their own prayer mats, thinking carefully about the images that are allowed on them. We also learnt about the festival of Eid! Finally, some of the children made their own lift-the-flaps quizzes for their friends using the facts they'd learnt about Islam. 

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This term we are learning about Islam. We started off the topic by watching a video about how Muslims pray. The children were very respectful and had a lot of questions about the video. We then followed some of the actions Muslims do when they pray, and we talked about some of the ways Muslims prepare to pray, like washing and taking off their shoes. 

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