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Year 2

This half term we are focusing on gymnastics. Within our first lesson we explored the different moves we can perform on floor. This included balances on various body parts and how we can work together to perform these. We also learnt new rolls including the log roll, tuck roll and dish to arch roll. We used our powerful muscles to drive upwards to make different shapes with our bodies when jumping such as tuck, star and spin jumps. 

We also explored different equipment including benches, table vaults and wooden vaults. We looked at how we can mount and dismount the vaults with lots of us managing to perform a squat on!

We learnt new moves such as counter balances, forward rolls and cartwheels. To finish off the unit, we participated in a gymnastics competition where we performed in our groups in front of the whole class! Groups were awarded certificates for the best teamwork, most creative, most improved and the winning routine! Throughout the unit we used our social skills to help us perform especially teamwork, determination, passion and self belief.