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Year 2



We have been learning about the similarities and differences between boys and girls. We carried out a sorting activity and learnt so many facts! 
Did you know that boys can be ballet dancers? Did you know that girls can play professional football? Did you know that when you go on holiday, your pilot could be a female? Did you know that men can be nurses? 

We have also worked in groups to label parts of the body with our initial ideas. After half term we will be learning more scientific facts about our bodies! 

The children have been incredibly sensible and sensitive to one other in their discussions and some of the conversations we have had during circle time have been very mature! Well done 2SL! 


We continued talking about the differences between boys and girls in PSHE. First we discussed which jobs males and females can do; the children were so sensible and knew that men and women could both do all the jobs! Then we discussed how we can tell boys and girls are different. Finally, the children worked in groups to label the body parts of boys and girls. Everyone was incredibly mature and sensible; they had really grown up ideas about how to respectfully treat other children and about how to support others in their choices. A massive well done to everyone!


In PSHE we are covering Sex and Relationships. The children have started the topic by looking at the differences in interests between boys and girls - with some interesting results about who is allowed to like certain colours!