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Year 1

As part of our learning about weather we decided to make rain gauges to measure the amount of rain that fell over a week. We used a cut up bottle and a ruler - here are some of our designs! These are super simple to make - why not try it at home?

Making a rain catcher..... What results will we find?

Picture 1
Picture 2
In science we are learning about seasons and weather. As part of seasons we have been looking into Autumn. Today we went on a nature hunt outside to see which Autumnal things we could find - the children thought we might see hedgehogs, fallen leaves or nuts! We found lots of things outside and we ticked them off to record our findings.

Autumnal walk around school. What can we see? What data can we record?

This week in Science, we have been learning about the weather and forecasts. At the beginning of the week we predicted the weather forecast for the week ahead. Every day as a class we recorded the actual weather for the day and compared the recordings to our predictions.


This week in Science the children have been learning new fun facts about Winter. They then recapped on previous learning of Autumn and worked together to compare key facts of both seasons. The children used a venn-diagram to sort a collection of items related to Winter and Autumn.