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Year 1

As part of learning about senses, we took part in a blind taste test! We took away our sense of sight and just used smell and taste to try to identify the different foods. Do you like marmite?!


This week in Science, we have been learning all about the human body and correctly identified key body parts. We worked in groups and created a crime scene body image on the ground outside. We then orally stated the body parts and labelled them. We love learning science in Year 1.

Making science learning FUN out doors.


This week in Science the children have been recapping their learning of the human body. This week we focused on our 5 senses. The children were all confident in explaining our senses. For the main activity the children thought about the senses of sight and touch, they describe textures of different objects without being able to see them. Well done Year 1. 

What's in the bag?