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Year 1

1SP- How to keep safe in the sun?

This week during Science the children have be learning all about ‘Sun Safety’. All the children worked well together and discussed how to keep safe in the sun. The children learnt about UV rays and how it didn’t matter if there were clouds, the UV rays could still reach them and it’s always important to wear sun cream and to cover up. After discussing the season of summer, the children are excited to spend time in the sun ‘safely’. 

1SP- We're going on a scavenger hunt.

This week during Science the children went on a scavenger hunt around our school grounds. Their main learning objective was to find a variety of different animals and animal features around our local environment. The children were turned into mini scientists and given magnifying glasses to observe different items closely.  The children were really engaged and enjoyed finding birds feathers, snail trails, slugs, squirrel acorns, caterpillars and lady birds on leaves. The discussion Miss Crowther received was excellent. Well done Year 1.