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Year 1


As our DT project this half term the children are going to be teaching Handa how to make fruit smoothies. This week during DT the children have been tasting a variety of fruits from the story Handa’s Surprise. The children have been evaluating their taste, texture and discussing their preference and reasoning why.   Most children had never tried mango or pineapple before and were all excited and willing to try something new. The children were all excited, engaged and enjoyed eating all the fruit. Well done Year 1!

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This week during DT the children designed their own smoothie.  We started the lesson by discussing what ingredients should go in a smoothie, the children recapped their learning from Handa’s Surprise and what fruit she had in her basket.  The children used their knowledge of the fruit from the story to help design their smoothie. Designing their smoothie was fun, because not only did the children label their smoothie, they used their creative side to draw and colour in the ingredients they required. Well done Year 1.


This week in DT the children have been using their designs from last week the make their own fruit smoothies. The children learnt about how to be hygienic when preparing food and then talked about ways to keep themselves safe when cooking. The children each got chance to cut up the fruit using the bridge method with the knife and they each helped Mrs Whitehead use the blender. The children added yoghurt and milk to their smoothies to make them a thinner consistency and you could tell by their faces how yummy their smoothies were!