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Year 1

This half term we have focused on gymnastics. We have explored the different parts of the body that we can perform a balance on, a range of rolls and the various shapes we can make with our bodies in the air when jumping. 

We also worked on the apparatus, looking at the shapes we can make when getting on and off the vaults and how we can link moves together on the beam and benches. 

We learnt new moves such as counter balances and cartwheels. Miss Beaumont was really impressed with how much progress we made with our cartwheels! 

To finish off the unit, we created a routine in groups that featured a balance, a roll and a jump. We used our social skills to work together and then had to use our different gymnastic skills to perform in an intraclass competition! 

We also got to explore the climbing frame. Miss Beaumont set up different obstacles for us to try and complete and we had different challenges such as the wall hang and monkey bars!