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Welcome to the page for extra writing ideas.

Remember to think about your handwriting and check your spellings and punctuation smiley





These are words you need to be able to spell in Year 1.


Here are some ways you can practise them:


  • Chalk
  • Paints
  • Bubble writing
  • Spell them using your legs
  • Try writing them forwards AND backwards
  • Use water and your finger
  • Saying the letters out loud


Check your writing!


In KS1 we ask children to check their own work through to see if it is the best it can be before handing it in. We use these symbols to help us. At home, use them to help with your writing to keep your writing being the best it can be!


The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Activity 1- 

Read the story Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark- 


Tell them to imagine they are in complete darkness in the middle of a field. Ask the children how they are feeling?  Play night time animal music. What can the children hear? ( Hedges rustling, crickets, owls woohoo, foxes running through the long grass )


Ask the children to recall all 5 senses. Then ask them if they can use them all in the dark. EXPLAIN they can’t use their eyes as humans, because we are not nocturnal (Explain nocturnal- animals that can see in the dark) Tell the children the other senses, EG hearing is heightened because one of our senses is down.


Day 1- Mind map the children’s descriptive sentences to help with setting description. Explain to the children it’s going to be from their point of view, so we have to use the word ‘I’.


Day 2- 

LO: To write a setting description of a dark place. To use descriptive words and the personal pronoun I in my writing. 

Activity 2- 

Discuss with the children that Plop was originally afraid of the dark, but at the end of the story he overcame his fear. How come? Who helped him?


LO: To write and describe my own fear and explain how I will overcome it.


Write and describe your own fears and how you would conquer them.


  • I have a fear of…… darkness.
    I am scared because…. I don’t know what’s hiding in the darkness and it’s frightening.
  • I am going to overcome my fear by….. being brave and sometimes having a light.
  • I am going to overcome my fear because…. my friends support me.
  • I am no longer afraid.



We call these letters Curly Caterpillar letters!


Can you practise writing them?


a c o d g q e s f






Here are some new spellings for this week! Why not try writing them on your grown up's back and seeing if they can guess which one it is!










There are different ways to spell the er sound - you might remember them from Read Write Inc.


ir - bird - whirl and twirl

ur - fur - nurse with a purse

er - winter - a better letter


Activity 1:

Can you sort these words into er, ur or ir spellings?


her    term    turn    person    skirt    hurt    under    shirt    church    summer    first    winter    burst    third    sister    squirt


ir ur er





hurt       summer


Activity 2


Can you spell the words and use the correct er sound to match to the pictures?




Activity 3


Can you find the correct spelling to match the picture?



Can you practise writing your Long Ladder letters?



Going back to the beginning on common exception words, we should be starting to feel confident spelling these from memory! It is really important to get confident with all the year 1 common exception words now as there will be lots more in year 2. 

If you think you know how to spell them can you practise saying them with the letter name instead of the sound now?











air, ear and are


There are different ways of spelling the air sound.


air - pair - that's not fair

ear - bear

are - square - care and share


Activity 1:

Can you sort these words into the correct spellings?


tear   bare   wear   air   dare   lair   hair   glare   stare   scare   flare


These letters are called zigzag letters: 




Can you spell these words without looking now?












There are different ways of spelling the or sound.


or - fork - shut the door

ore - shore

aw - claw - yawn at dawn

au - sauce

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