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Welcome to your Distance Learning Writing Page!

Please complete the writing activities on


Here you will find lots of  extra links and ideas to keep yourselves busy whilst working from home. These are all optional! If you do complete any tasks, you could share your ideas on the purple mash blogs.

Here are some documents with some writing activities and resources for you to use!

Images in Writing


There are lots of interesting images to use as a stimulus on:


You could choose an image and write something based on it.

Maybe a setting description of the image, or a character description of someone in the picture.

You could write a story that takes place in the setting, or a story that starts or ends at that image.

They can be used for non-fiction writing as well! You could write fact files about something in the image. If it is a nice place, you could write a persuasive leaflet or a holiday brochure for the place!


Check out these examples:

Setting Descriptions


Choose one of these settings and write a setting description.

Remember to use:


- Capital letters and full stops

- Adjectives

- Commas in a list

- Expanded noun phrases

- Paragraphs

Here are some documents for you to practice your SPAG skills!

Spelling Menu


Using the spelling menu attached, allow children to choose how they would like to practice their spellings from a variety of fun and engaging ways. Don't focus on all the spellings at once, choose 5-6 words a week to practice. Children can highlight the words they are confident in and then focus on the ones that they need some more support with. 

Spelling Shed

Have a go at some really fun, differentiated games to help with your spellings.



Have a look on here for lots of great resources, writing frames and model writes to help you with your writing tasks from your packs.