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Activity 1 

Look at the picture below. 


Write a sentence or two to go with each of the pictures. Try and use the words "and" or "because" in your sentences. Copy the pictures if this helps! 

Activity 2 


Below is a picture of a magic bird. I want you to write a diary about where this magic bird took you. 

What did you see?

Who did you meet?

Where did you go?

What did you eat?

Was the bird friendly?

Did anything bad or good happen? 

Activity 3 


Pick someone who you live with at home. Can you write a description about them? I would like to see 

- Adjectives 

- Full stops

- Capital letters 

- Finger spaces 

Activity 4 


Below are some pictures of planting some sunflower seeds. 

I would like you to write 4 instructions using the pictures to help you. Remember that you need to tell me the equipment you need and words to tell me the order. For example, First, Second, Third, After that.