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We are going to be doing some writing activities based on the fantastic adventure book titled Around the World in 80 Days, written by the author Jules Verne, published in 1873. Below will be a daily challenge for you to complete, starting with our 'creative starters'. Don't worry if you cannot do all the activities but I would like you to try do some of them.


Creative Challenges


The story is about a man and his journey around the world.

  • Challenge 1 - Look at the picture of the different flags from around the world and se if you can find the flags for the UK, France, India, China, Japan and the USA. These are the different countries that the main characters visit in the book. Once you have found them, see if you can make your own flags for each country. This could be a picture, a painting or an actual flag using what resources you have at home. I have added a blank template flag for you to use to help, or you can draw your own.

Challenge 2 - In the story there are lots of different types of transport, including a hot air balloon. I would like you to create and design your own hot air balloon. below are 2 blank templates you may want to use or you can draw your own amazing balloon. Maybe you could add some special features and label it, explaining what the features are and do.

Challenge 3 - Your next challenge is to draw some more methods of transport that are seen in the book. These include steam trains, riding on an elephant, steamboats and sailing boats and riding on horses. Below are some templates to help you. See if you can draw yourself on one or more of these methods of transport.

Writing Task

Read pages 3-5 of the text below, the start of the story. Your task is to draw your version of Phileas Fogg and label his clothes and appearance. I want you to add 2 adjectives to each of the following items: his top hat, his walking stick, his trousers, his shoes, his cravat (a posh tie/scarf) his tailcoat (jacket), his build (tall/short, thin/round, posh/scruffy) and finally his facial appearance (eyes, nose, hair etc).

Only label your picture but make sure you add 2 ADJECTIVES BEFORE EACH ITEM.

Following on from your labelled picture of Phileas Fogg yesterday, I would now like you to put your labels into some sentences to create a short description of him. Remember to include some expanded noun phrases and try adding some prepositional phrases into your description.


This is the start of an example of another character you could use to help you get started. 


Harry was only a teenager. His straight, black hair was short and he wore round, small glasses on the end of his nose. In the middle of his forehead he had a strange, zig-zag scar that looked like a flash.


Now you try writing a character description of Phileas Fogg.



Writing Task 

It says in the book that Phileas Fogg always did things at the same time every day of the week, a bit like us at school. I would like you to make a timetable for yourself at home for Monday to Friday - just like a school day. Look at the document below that tells you what I want you to try and include. If you can't see or open it, I want you to try include the following things in your day: Reading, Nessy, TTRockstars, Maths, Break, Writing, SPAG, Lunch, PE, Art, Music. You can use my template or make your own timetable for you to follow - make it really exciting so it reminds you to try to stick to it. 


These are the spellings I would like you to learn for the week, until next Wednesday. Write them down in your neatest handwriting like the pictures below. See if you can test anyone in your house and get them to help you. 

Look at the spelling lists from yesterday. Using coloured pencils, felt-tips or pens, see how many different ways you can write them using different colours and handwriting styles. You could add them onto a rainbow and put them on your windows to say thank you to all the doctors, nurses and other people who are working really hard to keep us safe.


Complete the sheet below.


Below are the next 4 pages of Around the World in 80 Days. Please read them before attempting the writing task.

We now know that Phileas Fogg is going to attempt to go around the world in 80 days and be back in London on December 21st. On P.8 he asks his butler, Passepartout, to pack his bag.

I would like you to think what you would need to pack in a case if you were going to travel around the world for 80 days.

Using the picture of a suitcase below, draw and label what you would pack. Try and include an adjective for each item. If you cannot print the case, draw your own bag and the things you would pack in it.

Remember - you will be visiting some hot and cold places!


Yesterday you were asked to draw and label what you would pack in your case if you went around the world in 80 days - similar to Phileas Fogg.

Today I would like you to write your items up into a list, including bullet points and adjectives.

This is how I want you to set it out.


In my case, I would pack the following items:

  • My favourite, soft teddy
  • Five pairs of clean, long sock
  • 2 large, wide sun hats
  • A large, warm coat for cold weather


See if you can make a list like mine, including all of your items you packed in your case yesterday.


Yesterday you wrote the items in your case into a list.


Today I would like you to turn that list into a short paragraph, using commas between each item.


You can start your sentences and paragraph like this.


In my case I decided to pack two large, wide sun hats, my favourite pair of new trainers, 5 pairs of soft, long socks and a warm, large coat for any cold weather.


Make sure you include commas between each item APART FROM THE LAST TWO ITEMS WHERE YOU USE THE WORD 'AND'.

Writing Task

Please watch the video below which is a video about France, the first place Phileas Fogg visits with his butler.

All about France

Our 8 year old's presentation for our family's annual scholarly feast! She researched all about France, wrote her own script and made this cute video almost ...

Your task today is to watch the video above about France and then see if you can write down as many notes as possible about what you saw and heard. The video explains where France is, what the capital city is, famous places to visit, what food they eat in France and other interesting facts including how to say some things in French.


All I want you to do today is to make as many notes as possible onto a piece of paper.


You may need to watch it a few times so you get as much information as possible.

Writing -

Carrying on from yesterday's challenge, your writing task is to continue researching the country of France. There are lots of videos online and remember to ask your family if they can help you. if you find something out, write it down so you have lots of information ready for next week.


Using the spellings from this week, see if you can write a different sentence that includes each one.


Your spellings are: kindly, quickly, safely, rudely, sweetly, strongly, bravely, secretly, finally, usually,


This is an example sentence for you.

The boy kindly sharpened the pencil for his friend.


Complete the sheet below.


Spelling Test

Ask someone in your house to test you on the following spellings.


Your spellings are: kindly, quickly, safely, rudely, sweetly, strongly, bravely, secretly, finally, usually


Below are our new spellings for the week. Read them and attempt to copy them, using your neatest, joined handwriting.


Complete the following activity.

Writing -Day 1

Your last writing task was to watch the video clip about France and write down as much as you could, in note form. Some of you may have done some research on your own and found out some more facts, from books, the internet or asking family.


 You have 3 days to make the best poster, presentation or leaflet you can, telling me everything you have found out about France. If you have forgot, the France video is below.

Day 2 -

Your writing task is to continue your posters, leaflets or PowerPoint presentations about France. Remember, you need to use your notes and write them up into complete, full sentences, adding adjectives to describe all the amazing things about France as possible. Tomorrow will be your final day to spend on them. The video about France is at the top of this page if you want to check it out again.

Day 3-

This is your last day to complete your writing challenge about France. I hope you have added as much information as possible. You may want to add some pictures, drawing, diagrams, maps or anything else to make it look really exciting and interesting. I want to be blown away by what you have created. Some of you may have even made something like models or food from France. Imagine if any of you have made your own Eiffel Towers or Louvre Museum Pyramids. I would love you to post images of your work on the school Facebook page and I promise to comment on them.

Chapter 2 - Around The World in 80 Days

Read the chapter using the images below so you know what to do in your writing tasks.

Writing Task

Inspector Fix is looking for a thief who has stolen £50,000. He thinks it is Fogg but is he right?

To keep an eye of Fogg, Inspector Fix has boarded the same ship from Europe to India.

We know the voyage was rough because it says so on P.14. It also tells us what Fogg did on the ship.


I would like you to plan a short letter as Inspector Fix, telling your boss back in England where you are, why you have got on the ship, what you have seen Fogg do on the ship, what the journey is like and how you are hiding from Fogg so he doesn't spot you.


Look at the plan below. I have split the sections to help you plan your letter. Add some notes to the plan, finishing the sentences I have started. Remember this is a plan - you can make your sentences better when we write the letter using our best sentences tomorrow.

Writing Task

Your task today is to write up your letter, pretending to be Inspector Fix. Use your plan from yesterday to help you write complete sentences. Remember it must be written in 1st person (I am ...) because you are Inspector Fix.

I also want to see adjectives, prepositions and pronouns (he, they, I) to make your writing interesting.


Start it like this.


Dear Chief Inspector,

I am writing to tell you ...


I first spotted Fogg ...


Can you remember your spellings for this week? They are:


happily, angrily, lazily, easily, busily, greedily, messily, wearily, cheekily, clumsily.


Look at the pattern of the words and on a piece of paper, write them out in as many fun ways as possible. If you have coloured pencils or felts, write them out in different colours or different sizes or styles. Then see if you can write them without looking at them.



Ask someone in your house to test you on the following spellings. They are:


happily, angrily, lazily, easily, busily, greedily, messily, wearily, cheekily, clumsily.


Complete the following activity sheet.


These are your new spellings for the next week. Look at the endings of them all and learn the rest of each word. See if you can write them using your neatest handwriting - just as neat as the words in the picture - or even neater!


Complete the following activity sheet. Remember a preposition explains where something is (above, under, on top etc).


Chapter 3

The opening page tells us that Fogg and his butler Passepartout are on a train going through India but it doesn't really go into any detail. It tells us what they saw as they looked out of the window and what they did whilst they were on the train.


I would like you to do 2 tasks today.


Your first task is to use the description on P.17 to draw a picture of what they saw looking out of the train window. I have added an example picture to look at and a blank window template for you to use.


Your second task is to write a short paragraph of what Fogg and Passepartout saw outside as the train passed through India - but adding some more detail that what is on P.17.

Tell me what they may have said to each other as they passed the different coloured fields, the temples and what both characters did whilst on the train. What do you think they would have eaten? Put as many adjectives and prepositions in as you can (beautiful, stunning, above, beyond, through).


Start your description like this:


Phileas and Passepartout sat on the train and stared out of the window. They were amazed at what they saw.

On P.20, Fogg and Passepartout travelled through a jungle on an elephant. What animals, creatures and other things do you think they saw and could hear? I want you to use the word ELEPHANT to write me an acrostic poem. Each line must start with a word from the letters of ELEPHANT. The line could begin with an adjective or a different jungle animal.


Remember to start a new line for each letter of ELEPHANT


Here is an example:


Enormous elephant blowing cold water out of her trunk

Loud noises coming from high up in the tall trees

Enjoying the sights and sounds through the mysterious jungle


When you have finished drafting your poem, see if you can add an image at the bottom.

On P.24 Passepartout and Fogg sneak up on the procession and Passepartout says "I think I can see how to rescue her."


If you were Fogg or Passepartout, how would you save the princess? I want you to write or draw me a rescue plan. You can do this by either writing a set of instructions that include steps, or you may want to put different steps into a storyboard and add drawings to explain your plan.


Think about:

  • how will you sneak up on the guards?
  • how are you going to distract them?
  • when are you going to rescue her (day / night)? 
  • what equipment will you need to use?
  • how will you escape if anyone sees you?


I have added an image of the temple below so you know what it looks like, along with a blank example of a storyboard. There is also some instruction templates if you want to write your plan as a set of instructions.


Remember - you need to tell me, in detail, how you are going to rescue the princess from the temple.

The temple where the princess is being held - she needs your help to escape!

Writing Task

We have been writing lots of things based on the book Around the World in 80 Days.


For today and tomorrow, I would like you to tell me all about a special holiday you have been on.


Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you do? Why was it special?


It may be a holiday where you went abroad or something you have done at home or at a family member or friend's house.


Tell me everything you can remember about the holiday. Draw or paint me a picture of what you did and post it on the school Facebook page if you are able to.

Writing Task

Remember yesterday's writing task?


I asked you to think about a special holiday you can remember. I want you to continue and finish that today. That could be finishing writing about it or creating some pictures of memories of your holiday.


If you finished those yesterday, perhaps you could try making something linked to the holiday. A bookmark, a postcard, a travel leaflet of the place you went to to encourage others to go if you went away somewhere.


Be as creative as possible and enjoy remembering some happy memories of your special holiday.


I would like you to create some rainbow words today, all linked to your spellings that I gave you last week.


The words are: gently, simply, humbly, nobly, horribly, terribly, possibly, incredibly, comfortably and probably.


Write the words as colourfully as you can. Perhaps you could put them inside a rainbow. You can write all the words at once or choose a word at a time and write it as many times and in as many different colours as you can find. Have fun spelling!


Please complete the following activity sheet. The word going down begins with a letter 'p' to help you. Think Egypt!

Spelling Test

Ask someone in your house to test you on the following words.


gently, simply, humbly, nobly, horribly, terribly, possibly, incredibly, comfortably, probably


Remember all the skills you have been using when writing them out in your different colours and try picture the words in your head.


Look at the following spellings below. These are the spellings I would like you to learn for the coming week. See how neatly you can rewrite them out.


Using your new spellings from yesterday, see how many times you can copy each word out in 1 minute.


So for the word 'basically', get someone to time 1 minute and see how many times you can write 'basically' out on a piece of paper.


Repeat this for every word, so it should take you around 10-15 minutes to complete the whole task. You can also do a few words today and some over the weekend.


These are your spellings:


basically, frantically, dramatically, magically, tragically, comically, actually, accidentally, occasionally, eventually

Writing Task

Phileas and Passepartout are currently in India. Each part of the Indian flag stands for something important so look at the picture below and read what each part represents. I would like you to label your own version of the Indian flag, adding sentences with arrows to each section using the information provided. Try not to copy the sentences exactly - write them yourself changing some of the words.

Writing Task

I would like you to research the country of India today. To help you, I have included some images with information on below. If you are able to, WITH AN ADULT HELPING OR WATCHING, see if you can look online and research 'India Information for Children' to see what you can find out. Make notes from the information you find. You could find out about the size, the food, the weather, schools, what the main religion is and any other interesting facts. Keep your notes and information for tomorrow.

Writing Task

Using the information and your notes from yesterday, I would like you to write some sentences today about India.


An example of a note from yesterday is 'New Delhi is the Capital'.

I can change this into a better sentence like this - The capital city of India is New Delhi.


See how many notes and information you can put into really good sentences.

Writing Task

For today and tomorrow, I would like you to use all your sentences and information about India to create an information poster or leaflet all about India. It can be as big or small, colourful and exciting as you want. You may want to write your sentences in the map outline of India I have added below or you may want to make your own map. You could add the flag again or pictures of Indian food and clothing etc. Be as creative as you can and remember to use complete sentences. Once you have finished, add them onto your Purple Mash class blog. I have added some examples for you to look at but I know your could be even better.

Writing Task

I would like you to continue and finish your information posters about India today. Remember to make them really colourful and interesting for the reader.


Complete the following sheet. Remember a verb is a doing word and a preposition tells you where something is.


Complete the following sheet. Remember a subordinating conjunction is 1 word that links 2 parts of a sentence together.


These are your new spellings for this week. Try and see how many times you can write each word down in 1 minute. Once you have done all the words, see if you can beat your amount at a different time of the day. You should still be able to read the words though so no scribbling!


Complete the following activity sheet. Remember, present perfect tense means something that is happening now.


I would like you to focus on your spellings today. Look back to the list I added on Wednesday and see how creatively you can write each word out.

Chapter 4

Writing Task

In this chapter, Fogg is finally caught and sent to court in Calcutta, a city in India. I would like you to imagine you are Phileas Fogg and are about to stand in front of the judge in court. Why are you innocent? What happened at the temple? Why did you rescue the princess? Why are you travelling around the world? Are you really running away from the police? Use the planning template to think about each of the questions and write some sentences in the first person.

You will be writing your statement up tomorrow so today is all about planning and getting your ideas together.

Writing Task

Yesterday you thought about the questions I asked you (Phileas Fogg). This is your chance to prove you are innocent in the court. I would like you to write your personal statement as Fogg today, using your answers and sentences from yesterday. Remember to be really persuasive (like you were when we did something similar when we were learning about Narnia).


You could start your statement like this:


I am stood here accused of being a thief. This is not true! I am an innocent man. I admit I helped an innocent princess escape from... 

Writing Task

Yesterday you thought about everything you might see at the circus. I hope you drew some fantastic pictures and labelled them with brilliant adjectives to make them sound really exciting.


I would like you to design a poster today that will encourage people to visit a circus that is visiting Middleton. Your poster will need to showcase everything that is good about the circus so that people come and visit.


You need to include:

The name of the circus - make this up with your own name (Billy's Brilliant Circus)

The price of tickets for adults and children

The dates it will be there (Monday ??? to Friday ??? of what month)

The place it will be (think of somewhere in Middleton where a circus could go)

The acts - the acts, performers, food drink etc)


Here are some examples to look at and help you but you can design much better ones.

Writing Task

On P.39, Passepartout reads a poster advertising the circus. What do you know about the circus? Have you ever been to one? What was there?


I would like you to mind map everything you know about the circus. You could draw what you think you would see at one and then label everything. Think about the acts (animals, acrobats and clowns). What adjectives would you use to describe them?


So, I want you to draw a picture of everything you would see in a circus and label everything with adjectives.

Writing Task

I would like you to finish your circus posters today. Make sure they look exciting and have all the information you would need if you wanted to go.


If you finished your poster yesterday, I would like you to make a flyer to hand out to people about the circus. A flyer is like a poster but smaller, the size of a postcard about half the size of a sheet of A4 so you won't get all the information on it. Think carefully about what words you would include on it to make it appeal to children and adults. 


Complete the following SPAG activity mat


Complete the following SPAG activity mat.


Ask an adult to test you on the following words:












These are your new spellings for the coming week. Read each one carefully and then copy then down in an exciting way. You may want to use bubble writing, different colours for each letter if you have them or speed write one words as many times as you can in 1 minute.


Complete the following SPAG activity mat.