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Welcome to your Distance Learning Writing Page! Here you will find lots of links and ideas to keep yourselves busy whilst working from home. :)



Setting Descriptions


Choose one of these settings and write a setting description.

Remember to use:


- Capital letters and full stops

- Adjectives

- Commas in a list

- Expanded noun phrases

- Paragraphs

Setting Description Prompts

Spelling Menu


Using the spelling menu attached, allow children to choose how they would like to practice their spellings from a variety of fun and engaging ways. Don't focus on all the spellings at once, choose 5-6 words a week to practice. Children can highlight the words they are confident in and then focus on the ones that they need some more support with. 

Spelling Menu

Spelling Shed

Have a go at some really fun, differentiated games to help with your spellings!


Have a look on here for lots of great resources, writing frames and model writes to help you with your writing tasks from your packs.