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Where in the World? - Summer 1

Where in the World?

This half term, we have started a new adventure around the world through reading the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. The book is about an 11 year old boy who travels around the world with his parents but ends up falling overboard and being washed a shore on 'Kensuke's Kingdom' an island where the only other inhabitants are an old japanese man and his orangutans. Through travelling the sea to meeting Kensuke, the children have got some amazing lessons ahead and follow us on our adventure.


One of our first lessons has been travelling around the world on a boat. Children took part in the experience and then wrote a diary entry as Michael's mum, experiencing being Skipper on a big boat, the Peggy Sue.

In geography so far, we have been writing a few non-chronological reports about the continents around the world and the animals in these locations. We have traveled around them through our Imagineering sessions and have been able to experience all the amazing aspects of them as well as being about to look at the geographical features and animals.


Here are some examples of the children's work on both types of non-chronological reports. They have done some incredible and informative pieces of writing.

We have been on our adventure around the world in our boat, the Peggy Sue, and we realised it was important to know how to be safe on a boat! We took part in Imagineering being on a boat and made sure to remember everything to stay safe.


Have a look at these instructions and maybe they may help if you find yourself on a boat at sea.

On Michael's travels, he spends a lot of time in Australia, travelling around and getting to know the wildlife. We decided to also look at the human and physical geographical aspects of Australia and created a poster about the different information in our geography lessons.

RE- Sikhism

This half term we are looking at Sikhism and how they show their commitment to god and their religion. We have started by first looking at how we can show commitment and here are some examples of the ideas the children have come up with.


The children have become increasingly engaged in the understanding of Sikhism and how they show respect and commitment to god and their religion. We looked at the 5K's and how they wear them to show respect and a public commitment to god, and it escalated to a conversation about the necessity of wearing the 5K's to be a 'good' sikh. 


The children have written incredibly informative balanced arguments about the questions "Do you need to wear the 5K's to show your commitment to god" and their responses and arguments have been very insightful. 

Science - Gestation periods

In science, we have been looking at animals and their gestation periods this half term. One lesson that was incredibly helpful for our understanding of mammals was comparing the gestation periods and their life cycles.


Here is an example of the research on gestation periods and their tables to show their research in an easy to understand way.


Michael is still missing and the children have been asked to write a missing poster for Michael from his parents perspective. They needed to provide good details on Michael as well as follow the format of a wanted poster. 


The children have created some fantastic examples!

Orienteering - Parental Involvement

We invited the parents in to help us on an orienteering expedition around the school, running to co-ordinates around school, hunting for facts and decoding an anagram that all helped us with our world geography. The parents were extremely helpful and we all had so much fun hunting around the school for facts and letters to answer the tough geography questions we had to answer.

At the book, we arrived at Kensuke's Island and we decided to also walk around Kensuke's Island and really experience the secluded beach and jungle location. The children have created some fantastic setting descriptions of their time waking up and experiencing the island for the first time. 


Have a read and enjoy!

The children have been so engaged and excited by Kensuke's Kingdom and how Michael Morpurgo set up Kensuke's Kingdom, so we decided to have a go at writing our own desert island stories. The children were given free reign to write whatever story they were inspired to write, as long as it was about being on a desert island.


It was great to allow the children the freedom to be able to show their own ideas and creativity and the writing has been incredibly enjoyable to read. I would definitely want to buy the full versions of these in future!

We have finally met Kensuke! The children have written fantastic descriptions of him and you can really feel him come to life on the page!

Geography - Palm oil

We have started to look at the Palm oil issue and deforestation of their habitats due to the unsustainable farming of palm oil for so many products. The children were outraged when they found out that Orangutans were losing their homes for it, and were really saddened when they watched the advert from Iceland. 


We decided we needed to do something so we have all written a letter to the government urging them to make sure we only allow sustainable palm oil to be bought in  the UK. 


Here are some of the examples of the childrens' letters to the government.

The children have been trying their hand at writing some japanese poetry, Haiku's. These are poems that follow a rule of 5-7-5 sylabuls per line and only 3 lines. They have to be precise to get the message across and really need to think about punctuation. The children have been writing them about the desert island and here are some examples of their work. They have done a really good job!

During week 5 of our half term, it was mental health week and we looked at a variety of activities about how to keep our mental health in check and how to looks after ourselves. We looked at one of the things we struggle with a lot in year 5, going to bed early and being able to sleep. We talked about how important sleep is for our mental health and looked at methods we could adopt into our own night time routines to ensure we get a good night sleep.

We then decided to take part in a sleep meditation, listening to white noise and taking in deep breathes. It really helped to calm us down and relax after a long day of school and the children really enjoyed the relaxation time and new tip for their night time routines.

PSHE-Mental Health Week