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Week 6

This week we went on a very special visit to The Rainbow Factory. We did lots of exciting workshops where we looked at different artefacts, drew the big bad wolf and went on a journey through the enchanted forest. We are really excited to write stories about the things we have seen and talked about.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We were able to follow instructions to create our own Chinese lanterns.

Our number this week is 9 we have learnt about how to make 9 and how to represent 9 in lots of different ways. We have looked at doubling and sharing and one more and one less than 9.

We were very fortunate this week that some of our grown-ups were able to come into school and help us do some planting. Our grown-ups helped us to turn over our allotment beds and plant some vegetables and then some plant some flowers. We are very much looking forward to looking after our vegetables and trying them later in the year. We are also excited to see how colourful our flowers will be when they grow during the year. We have decided that a group of children each week will be responsible for caring for our plants, this means making sure they have plenty of water. Huge thank you to the grown-ups that joined us, you were a great help and the children all enjoyed the experience!

As part of Chinese New Year we have been trying Chinese food. We all tried something new and talked about whether we liked it or not. We tried spring rolls, prawn crackers and rice. We looked at where China was on a world map and talked about the difference between the size of China and the size of the United Kingdom and thought about how far away it would be.