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Week 5

This week we have been ordering numbers for the jungle ranger. We have ordered numbers from 0-20. We counted up and backwards and could say one more or less than a number.
We have been looking at our first books from Reception and thinking about the things we have got better at this week. We looked for a piece of work we were really proud of and shared this with our peers.

This week school has been focusing on Mental Health Awareness. We worked as a class to help Flopsy the teddy get a good night’s sleep. We gave him lots of fantastic tips. Here are a few examples;

“Close his eyes.”

“Brush his teeth.”

“Go to the toilet so he doesn’t wet the bed.”

“Don’t jump on the bed.”

“He needs a blanket so he can snuggle up.”

“Remind his mum to read him a bed time story.”

“Get comfy and snuggle up to a teddy.”

“First he must put his pyjamas on before he goes to sleep.”

We are sure Flopsy got a good night’s sleep after all those tips!

We have really enjoyed doing our daily mile but this week the daily mile had an amazing twist, an obstacle course!