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Week 3

This week we went on a jungle adventure! We saw monkeys swinging from the trees, crocodiles waiting to catch their prey and parrots sat in the branches. We had to use our binoculars to look for the animals and a camera to capture them.

Before we could go on our adventure we had to pack our bags. We decided the best way to make sure we had everything we needed was to write a list of things to pack.

This week we have learnt about number 17. We have learnt about the part – part whole of 17 and have represented this. We have been focusing on addition and subtraction with jungle animals and their food.

We have been using printing to create paper snakes. We were able to use scissors to cut our paper plate into a snake. They look fantastic hung around our classroom!

We have been talking about our favourite jungle animal this week and why they are our favourites. We have been able to write our thoughts down.

We have been doing an independent tally chart this week to see which animal is most popular in our class.